Jun 22, 2009

10 Great Country Songs You've (probably) never heard

This is more for me than anyone, but it might become a regular thing. Anyway, for my fellow country fans out there...

10 Great Country Songs You've (probably) Never Heard
Volume 1

10. I'm Leaving You for Me - Veronica Leigh

9. She Got the Ring - Chuck Mead

8. Dear JD - Rick Monroe (Listen to the chorus at least)

7. I think we should just be friends - EzraJane

6. Jeep, Jeep - Krista Marie

5. Little Heart wrecker - Dierks Bentley

4. When you're single - Chuck Wicks

3. My kind of country - Randy Houser

2. Rockin the Beer Gut - Trailer Choir

1. Toes - Zac Brown Band


Oct 30, 2008

Even mild sleep apnea ups heart risk

I post the following story for my Father, who suffers from sleep apnea (turns out sleep issues run in the family).

I hope he's paying close attention.

Just click on the title to read the story.


Oct 26, 2008

Random Fun

Here's some random blog widget goodness that I found!

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Oct 8, 2008


These are simply can't miss!

  • Jesus Christ was a Community Organizer; Pontius Pilate was a Governor. Anyone who thinks Senator Obama is the Anti-Christ has been listening to a misguided preacher. God is Love, we must come together.

  • Take a dump in one hand and hope in the other.

    I wonder which one will fill up faster?

    Thanks Barack!!

  • Hey Jethro. Please refrain from LOL or third grade name calling
    It is over. Go to bed and cry a river in your Little elephant pillow.
    Abstinence = palins kid getting a seed implanted
    in her by a thug
    Night night sleep tight I know I will

  • All you conservatives and Republicans need to go to bed now, you have to work to take care of your families tomorrow. The rest of you, your mom would appreciate it if you would bring your clothes up from the basement every now and then so that she can wash them for you. Don’t forget to take out the garbage too.


  • Obama got his butt handed to him tonight.

    Obama forgot that he voted for that 3.5 million dollar overhead projector. LOL!

    Obama stating that the computer was made by “a bunch of defense department scientists” actually it was made by private industry when IBM adopts the 80 column punched card -
    If Odummy was talking about the Internet, that was started at a universities not the DOD.

    Oidiot states that ‘only a few percent of small business will be affected’ by his tax increase. Omessiah doesn’t know what percent? it’s his fricken plan, he should know… He is the messiah,eh? :)

    Wait until O’s stupidity gets out. If the MSM does not drop the ball…

  • Hey blue house. Chill out. Get yourself some Jack Daniels
    and cry a river into your elephant shaped pillow.
    You talk about Morals?
    Palin’s kid got some thugs seed implanted in her baby hole
    Abstinence works!!!!
    Don’t even bring up abortion.
    This kid will live in an ivory tower.
    Night Sleep tight, I know I will

  • Will this one get posted? my last comment didn’t show up on here. This is a shorter version.

    If Obama wins, get ready to flee to the mountains. Have all your “nuts in one basket”, packed up and ready to go. There are many sights on the internet that tell you how to prepare for a disaster, good idea to read them!!

    He is a left wing liberal, out to destroy the United States of America!! Better listen up folks, before it’s too late!

    God Bless the U.S.A. all all our people.

    Please, vote McCain/Palin to avoid the disaster that will follow if you don’t.

  • McCain won the debate with his straight answers.

  • if obama is half white, please tell me which fountain he would have had to drink from in 1959 in alabama

  • Jesus Heals the Lepers

    “Then Jesus passed by a Leper colony. He did not approach, but stood at a distance, shouting, “If you weren’t a bunch of filthy homosexuals and intraveinous drug users, you wouldn’t have this disease. Serves you right!” Then He marched away, positively radiant with self-righteousness.” Luke 6:24-26 CCV (Conservative Christian Version)

  • oh the theories of the communist party, let me put them out. 1. control the media. 2. try to lead in finacial distres. 3. take away the right to think for one self 4. disarm the people by deception 5. limet free speech in a way that the people think it is a good thing, let them vote for it, deceive them that that are actually voteing against it by titles “Fairness Doctrine” 6. ridicule religion 7. after it takes hold, increase the propaganda, use posters everywhere, build the statues. 8. make the people fear the government 9. report your neighbor for being not patriotic.

    Do you want to live by this? is that change? Obama seems to think so.

  • Please all you bigoted republicans. Stop all the crying and whining. Go shave your heads and get a swastica tattooed on your butts. You guys are truly idiots.

There are literally like 4,000 to sort through ....

and I got through half of page one and had to stop, partly because I'm tired and partly because my ridiculousness meter exploded.

Hope you enjoyed. :)


Oct 7, 2008

Best comments following the 2nd Debate

Here are my favorite comments followings Chris Matthews' analysis of the 2nd debate on MSNBC.com:

Obama looked very presidential tonight. In contrast, McCain looks like a tired old man.

After Sen. McCain said that one of his heroes was Ronald Reagan, I quickly decided that I would vote for Sen. Obama on November 4th.

THE WTF Comments are in bold ... and they are def WTF?!?
  • The reason no one picks up on McCain's lie is that no one really believes it. And I was delighted to see him tap dancing on the third rail of American politics tonight saying that you wont get out of social security what you put in. Yee haw! Hold on tight, McCain is crashing a campaign this time.

  • McCain did not give one straight answer and he keeps saying "My Friend" but it comes out like a bad word for some reason every time he said it. He says he will fix everything but doesn't give one answer as to how. He says he wants to help everyone but "HOW?" where is the money going to come from? What is he going to do about the deficit? NO ANSWERS FROM HIM...

  • Obama was the clear winner. Not only did he look presidenital, his demeanor has "I'm ready to be commander in chief," all over it. McCain just reminds me of a bitter old man and he shows it with his erratic temperment. The one comment that will stick out in my mind is referring to Senator Barack Obama as "that one." There is nothing presidential in the thought process that was used to make that statement.

  • As a republican, I have to say that Sen. Obama won the debate tonight, and has my full support to win the presidency. Sen. McCain showed no respect for Sen. Obama has he refered to him as "that one" and was pacing the stage when Sen. Obama was speaking.

  • Obama - hands down. McCain was condescending. Even more annoying then his "that one" comment was his overuse of the "my friends" line. McCain is not my friend. I have absolutely nothing in common with someone whose spouse runs up a $750,000 credit card bill - and then can afford to pay it.

  • Hi, Chris,

    I thought that Obama won. McCain's poilitical director, how obnoxious can you be? McCain made that remarks "That one" as a racial remark. It is obvious throughout McCain's campaign, especially with the mud slinging has lead me to believe that the McCain/Palin ticket are racist. The first debate I felt it, but the second debate, put the penny in the slot for me.

    His political director is the exact same person who help do him in with President Bush, now I can see why there are negative campaigning going on.

    These people are blind, and "out-of-touch" with what American truly needs and wants in a President and Vice-President as far as "character" is concern. Senator Obama has been totally consistent, we needs consistency, not sponataneous and erected behavior and judgment. If Mr McCain would just see what we need as a nation and get with the times. Maybe there could be some substance with what he is trying to convey.

    In conclusion, McCain needs to just give up.

    Thank you for your times and the considerate.

  • Did anyone notice that McCain beat it out of there as soon as possible? He didn't shake hands with Barack, he didn't bother to meet and greet people like Michele and Barack both did. Cindy McCain shook a couple of hands and then went to give her husband a hug and they then were gone.

    In contrast, the Obamas went out of their way to talk to people, having their pictures taken with people and just listening and talking.

    Another disturbing thing, is this new bailout plan of McCain's, even Romney one of his confidants didn't know about it after the debate. More of McCain's grasping as straws, trying to do anything to win.

    I also noticed that McCain didn't carry any of the personal attacks into the debate. It makes him look two-faced, attacking behind Barack's back but not saying the same things to his face, where he would have a chance to refute the charges.

    McCain looked and talked at times like a little wind up toy, the same things, over and over. And lets not even talk about the "that one". comment.

    And to those that think that Barack Obama isn't American, hello his mother was American and he was born in Hawaii. That makes him an American, end of discussion.

    For those that insist on making fun of his name, calling him Osama Obama, really don't you have anything better to do.

  • McCain mentioned Warren Buffett as a potential Treasury Secretary. Interesting, since Buffett is one of Obama's chief economic advisors and has endorsed Obama. Obama also consults with Robert Ruben, Paul Volcker and Larry Summers. McCain actually pointed out one of Obama's greatest strengths: all the great minds of the country are supporting and advising him. McCain's economic advisor? Phil Gramm! The deregulator most responsible for today's financial train wreck

  • McCain hates two things. Talking about his OWN confusing and very much hated healthcare plan in any detail (did you notice he used the old debater trick of over praising the question poser eating up clock time) and association with the republican president for the last 8 yrs George Bush.

    Why disassociate so much from your party choice, the man YOU voted for and the President of 8 yrs? I got to thinking about that. I thought about how Bush got into office 4 yrs ago on the same premise McCain now desperately clings to. 1. I have a steady hand, I have been at the wheel. 2. I have lots of experience and know what i'm doing as opposed to this "new" guy.

    It worked out so bad in McCain's eyes, he and Palin wince when GB's name is referenced to the point that the only praise GB has gotten in the debates has been from the democratic nominee's.

    I guess running under the guise (as McCain to me seems to be solely doing) that I have been here before and I have a steady hand is not all it's cracked up to be? You need ideas, you need potential, You need the man Buffet spoke to and said "this is the guy", you need someone who has diplomacy, who doesn't wink every other question but has trusted advisors who he fricking listens to.

    You need Obama. I've already had a maverick for the last 8 yrs, and look how that turned out? Ask McCain if you don't believe me... assuming he will even acknowledge a guy named George Bush even exists.

  • I wonder if anyone noticed that McCain walked around and made gestures behind Obama while he was talking. I caught it a couple of time. (He made hand and facial gestures that were very unbecoming.) To refer to Obama as "that" man over there was very disrespectful as well as his never sitting down while Obama spoke. McCain's lies worry me. If he becomes president would he lie to the public each day and do sneaky and underminding things like the Bush administration did? I think he would. McCain is scary!

  • I was offended a couple of times. When McCain talking to Oliver and first saying he would probably not know about Fannie Mae till recently, was bad enough. Then to tell Oliver that we need to work on plans to keep Allen from losing his home, assuming that Oliver did not own a home. Talk about a oops, or not caring. I could not believe he said "that one" about Obama either.

  • McCain is clearly more presidential. Obama is clueless of the real issues. Being vague is all he has because that's all he can muster. I am sad we have such a poorly educated population that we cannot separate McCain from Bush. Why not get ready for Obama and Lewinsky? Go McCain!!

  • Barack Obama definitely won, he did not let me down. He is connected and on target with the issues. All I can say for senior McCain is, DESPERADO, WHY DON'T YOU COME TO YOUR SENSES? The ways of old must go!

  • Sen. McCain did indeed refuse to shake Sen.Obama's hand following the debate and instead passed Sen. Obama on to Cindy McCain to shake Obama's outstretched hand. Doesn't that say something about character and the willingness to 'cross the aisle'?

  • The "that one" comment was as intelligent of a decision on Sen. McClain's behalf as his choice in a running mate. God help us if this election is won by this team.

    McClain talked about reaching across the isle while makeing some of the most divisive comments I've heard of in any election. I truly want a change and I hope we are intelligent and fed up enough to vote for a true change. The last eight years have cost us a lot to date and if you notice the stock market is still costing us dearly. If you think those fat cats on wall street care anythind about us little guys. Think again. If you think the Republician Ticket wants a change; think again.

    Obama not only looked presidential he sounded more like the one I would prefer seeing in the presidential role. We need someone in the oval office who cares about Main Street while keeping an informed intelligent eye on Wall Street.

  • Obama won the debate, but I have a suggestion for the next debate and maybe for all future debates for all elections, that is that when a question is asked of the candidate and they don't directly answer the question asked, the control should shut off the microphone of whom ever it is who is answering, then have the moderator remind them of the question and inform them that this will continue to happen until each one of them starts answering the questions that have been asked, We, the american people, deserve to hear to the questions asked, we have allowed the politicians the avoid the questions, STOP THAT, if you shut of thier mic's enough times just like rats they will learn the correct behavior, I myself and personally sick and tired of watching all of them just ignore the qeustion and go off on thier talking points, We should demand it of the media and the politicians, when some one in the media or this so called debate commission get some guts and take them to task, the reaction from the candidates would show the real truth, eventually..............

  • The real laugh are those who watched either debate and have the stupidty to think McCain speoke with any specificity ... McCain couldn't have been more vague. Maybe I missed it, but did he even make an effort to explain away any charges from Obama regarding his policies on tax, health care, etc?

  • I hope MSNBC shows a clip in the first part of the debate, where Obama was answering a question over on the left side and McCain was wandering around like he was lost or something...

  • Notice how Obama answered the question on what sacrifices we all might make to help our country? He completely missed the point, mumbling about joining the Peace Corps and such, but making no mention of what we can do to stand up and what we must be prepared to sacrifice. Maybe it is because he has never had to sacrifice a thing in his life, make hard choices that effected many people or generally put himself on the line? No mention of personal responsibility, but only what Washington can do for you. He is clueless. He does not get America because he does not like this country nor identify with its people - its not "fair" and he means to fix it. There are millions of Obama fans who cannot articulate one single thing he has ever done other tha look cool, feel our pain and decide we need him. Please. John Kennedy, the last Senator elected to Potus (but qualified) must be shuddering in his grave.

  • Why is that Sen. John McCain keeps saying that he knows how to fix everything, but never says what he will do?
    Does he think that we should just trust him, isn't that the Bush approach?